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Our factory in Sichuan province, The technology obtained "sichuan technology research and development centers", with faw, hongta, ace, dayun, areas for such key supporting enterprises, products are exported to the United States, Russia, Indonesia, Malay, etc more than 30 countries.



 Main technical features are as follows:


Main technical features are as follows:The material of carcass and belted layer are all the strong strength wire connection.Directionof the former one is radial ,small angel of belted layer hoped strong force to the steel wire connection of carcass ,therefore it bears 60%-70% loading .Structure of belted layer is 0℃, Both ends supported with underlying triangular rubber ,belt layer approaches lever line with ground.Both sides of the third layer also have two layers of 0℃,hence improved both the high speed and wear-resisting performance.The use of wear-resisting rubber in touch place with tyre rim ,improved the protection of tire bead ,reduced the damage to the rim .

We have made some optimizing recipe designs accoding different stress of differ parts.Between –between or between –white-cobalt adhensive system ,oil-free formular and so on ,such designs make the steel cord fabric rubber up to the best bonding effect ;furher more, all-nature rubber ,super wear –resistance of carbon black or blend use of white carbon black and silane ,such designs highly improved the wear-resisting and tear-resistance performance.


Since different structure of all steel radial load tyre and bias tyre ,of course they have remarkable different manufacturing process ,hence raised more higher requirement to the craft quality .The refine of rubber film using multiple mixing,meanwhile controlled the result with diversity ;steel rolling process using brand new lines of production ; demand to the stability of the process for rubber parts are more higher ;bead wire using single wire forming,wraping,gum dipping,application,such kind craft is quite complex;molding process using unstage building machine of steel radial tyre ,position accuracy of all parts remarkablely improved a a lot ;vulcanization process using the double die vulcanizing process with adjustable die .After vulcanization ,every finished tyre must be examined by X-ray except for appearance inspection.Comparing with the like product in domestic,our tyre tread using such technical designs of layered composite tire crown and reduce-thin tire crown ,thus effectively reduced the proportion of tyre shoulder empty fault;meanwhile the replace of low cis butadiene rubber (original is cis-rich butadience rubber )largely reduced the design cost ,improved the vulcanizing qualified rate,and relieved the pressure of low cis butadiene rubber importing.Our product performance places the leading level in domestic .Each index of our all steel radial tyre fit state standard GB9744—2008 ,strength character and durability test are over 100 hours ,which particularly higher than the state standard of 47 hours only .


In recent years ,since the development of transportation business ,heavy duty truck and commercial vehicle developing fast ,heavy demand of heavy loading tyre stimulate the development of heavy loading steel radial tyre ;besides,such tyre reflected in the maintenance market , through practice our customers have realized (by practice )the good advantage of steel radial tyre ,especially the long distance and mass transportation ,more reflect good features of TBR tire .Therefore,now present not only the market are increasingly replaced by TBR tyre but also improved the step of the change from bias tyre to TBR tyre.TBR tyre have applied the truck and bus’s requirement of high speed ,it has high speed ,safety,wear-resisting,long mileage,riding comfort,fuel-efficient and other merits,for these reason ,TBR tyres are more and more popular among the drivers friends .The structure of TBR is the direction of tyre development,at present ,the proportion of TBR tyre have been up to 90% in the whole world,but the level of such superior tyre in our own country is still so low ,we state have wonderful development prospect .





Along with the increasingly fierce of market competition ,in order to promote the new tyre product’ research and development ,meanwhile for speeding up the renewal cycle ,what we can do is only improve ourselves’R&D ability and managing capability ,only by this we company can place in the strong power position of worldwide tyre.We company TBR tyre have high starting point ,we imported the advanced technology of Italy pelili,on this basis ,we have purchased the most advanced molding machines、internal mixers and other key equipments ,we have built up the best production lines of TBR tyre in our country ,on the aspect of hardware ,such management and producing system promised the stability of TBR tyre quality .At the same time ,our continuously development on New TBR tyre ,not only satisfied the needs of increasingly improved market in both home and abroad ,further improved we company’s market competition ,but also obtained remarkable economic benefit.On one side,the tubeless change、flattening(including meridian change)is the tendency of tyre development ,we company are actively developing and perfecting the specification of radial tyre,in order to apply the market demand ;on the other side ,the present market prospect are so optimistic that we company put our hands to continuously develop beautiful and novelty patterns,new products meet the sales way,thus actions enhanced the popularity and market competition ability of our company .


According lots of market researches and comparing tests,we focused the analysis of Comprehensive using characteristics on our competitors,such as Chaoyang、Forward、Giti and other famous brand in domestic ,we also studied our competitors’s techonology,then we carried out some targeted experiments to improve our product performance ,through effort ,some features and merits of our products are as follows:

1. Using the most advanced tire structure mechanics of finite element analysis technology , the complete simulation includes: rim assembly of tire static, analysis on aeration and axle load under the action of force and deformation, conditions of each tire parts such as stress/deformation/strain state, six component situation, and the change condition of mark shape with the axial load and pressure changes, etc., so as to improve the stress distribution of tire components in the operation process. The product is more suitable for overload, wear-resisting performance is more outstanding.

2. Using independent and new generation patent technology of 0℃belt layer structure patent NO. is “ZL201020656535.1”,such patent technology effectively reduced the shoulders deformation, improved its stiffness, largely enhanced bearing capacity and durability .

3. The advantage of our formula design :targeted recipe design of tread rubber, tyres used in medium and long distance transportation adopted high wear-resistance、low heating tread formula, so as to prolong the life of tyres ;and the tyres used in medium and short distance transportation adopted highly wear-resistance、highly anti-puncture formula, therefore ,such tyre’s overloading performance is excellent ;

4.To improve and enhance the performance of the bead, to enhance bead structure and new formulations designed to improve tear resistance, comprehensively enhance the performance of bead apex parts.

5.Using the advanced filling nitroge vulcanization process in the tire curing process, the capsule used in the medium for the mixed gas of the high pressure steam and the high-pressure nitrogen gas, low operating costs, improve production efficiency, to improve the quality of the tire.

6.Lining layer extrusion calendering lines outside the compound, the advanced technology of the air-cooled, airtight layer and film thermal lamination, viscous retention rate, the use of air-cooled system, to overcome the cooling system due to the temperature difference between the reasons on a roll "condensation"phenomenon, to improve the stickiness of the member. Cold and recyclable, and energy conservation.

7.Advanced continuous low temperature mixing process, from raw material inputs to the production of the final mixing rubber compounding technology, highly automated continuous step, to improve the quality and yield of rubber.

8.Pre-vulcanization process using state-of-the-art electron beam radiation, and the emission of high-energy electron accelerator electron beam radiation tires semi-finished parts, improve physical and mechanical properties of the components used in tire performance under the premise, inhibition of semi-finished parts in the take-up, transport, the local deformation in the various operations in the storage, before vulcanization and molding in the stretching process, preventing material shifted, semi-finished parts and finished product uniformity.

9.The advantages of Appearance design, our company has successfully to applied and authorized seven appearance patents, three invention patents, three practical new type patent, pattern type covering third-line flower, the flower of four-wire, five-wire flowers, mixed pattern, and mine with a pattern such as, pavement covering general road, highway to mine land.

10."High-performance medium truck steel radial tire" Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.

11.The all-steel technology development planning objectives:

(1) 2 years goal :the technical content must catch up and exceed the Jinyu and Sailun.

(2) five years goal: the technical content of the product is at or near Chaoyang, Qianjing and Double corn, some of products exceed them.

(3) completed to create a high-tech enterprise in 2013

(4) completed to create a provincial technical center in 2014.

(5)combine the introduction of advanced technology and factory to enhance the absorption, digestion and improve the ability to establish a higher level of independent innovation system.

(6) 5 years to complete 75 ", 65", 55 "all steel products series low profile without internal reserves and R & D






All-Steel radial tire with the single layer of steel cord constituting the carcass, a belt layer to form (part of the specification is only two to three layers of the belt layer) by the three-layer steel cord and 00 belt layer between the carcass and the belt layer, an additional shoulder cushion rubber, a bead portion by the bead ring, the upper and lower triangular plastic core, the wire chafer, clinch member constituting strengthening layer, the specific description is as follows:

The tread crown: tread base rubber requires low heat, heat, high tear resistance, and good wear resistance.

The belt layer:0 degreeof the newpatentbelt layer structure can be reduced shoulder deformation and improve the rigidity of the tread shoulder.

The Shoulder pads gum: is located between the two belt layers is a stress concentration, the role is spaced carcass wire and the belt layer of steel wire, to prevent the delamination of the belt layer at the edge, so that the flat belt layer placed in the section contour.

Sidewall:all-steel radial tire carcass using a single-layer steel cord, for the protection of steel cord, sidewall rubber requirements should be used in thicker sidewall rubber requires good tear resistance and resistance to fatigue properties.

Inner liner: composed by two parts, the airtight layer and the buffer layer, thus requiring good airtightness, viscous and so on.

Up and down trangle rubber core: in order to prevent in fetal flexor scratch deformation delamination, the apex is divided into two parts, on rubber core soft rubber core, good flexibility, high strength rubber material, the down part is hard rubber core, the rigidity of the bead.

Wear-resistant rubber: the protection of the bead and improve the rigidity of the bead to prevent rim wear bead.

Before design, the first important thing is the goal: such as vehicle information applicable to the vehicle type, shape and purpose, as well as vehicle load, speed, driving road conditions, etc., and then began to design tires. The design of the parameters selected national standards does not exceed abroad standard range for the criteria, design parameters include: outside diameter of the cross-section width, with an aggregate diameter as well as significant co-wide, etc., forming manufacturing technology file for each part of the role. the choice of appropriate materials to fit the technical design requirements, including construction plans with the finding of size, material, semi-finished products processing and molding instructions.

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